Wednesday, June 5, 2013

One Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice is Coming Home Today

A fallen soldier, a young man from my hometown is coming home today. Last night I found a post in my Facebook news feed regarding the young man’s arrival from Lambert Field. He will be brought by hearse to the local funeral home. The post invited everyone to line the route with American flags and give this young man the commemorative honor he deserves.

I think this is so wonderful, what we do to support the families of our troops and to remind ourselves of the importance of our soldiers in the world constantly protecting us sometimes at the ultimate price. It gives me cold chills and reminds me once again of how fortunate I have been with my own family members.

Of course there are always those who do not seem to understand. There was a comment on last night’s post from someone who said she could not make the event because she would be on another street. Ours is a small Missouri town and the street she referenced is only a few blocks away from the designated route. I read that and thought it a ridiculous excuse. If you cannot or will not go, do not draw attention to yourself with such a ludicrous/lame statement.

Then there are the crazies from the Baptist Church in Kansas. I have heard no rumblings that they will be here. Probably because of the distance and not enough media audience, whatever the reason I do not want them here. I recognize that our freedom means they can protest whatever they want. However, I would think simple human decency would prevent them, they call themselves Christians, from doing what they do. I often wonder how they would like it if we protested the funeral of one of their children with signs that said things like: “He deserved to die!” They would probably think we were unconscionable, inappropriate, and cruel, hmmm.

Let us pay our respects to our fallen when it is necessary, support our injured at every opportunity, give flowers (figuratively speaking) to those who serve, have served, our nation, and in this month of remembrance and gratitude leading up to the celebration of our independence, let us remember how fortunate we are.

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