Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have previously made reference to writing with all five senses. To me this is an important part of the writing process, because it helps to make the work almost three dimensional.

If you walk into a room and are blinded by sunlight which pours in through huge plate glass windows, smell something so strong you can also taste it on the top of your tongue, hear an unsettling groan and suddenly feel someone grab your ankle, you are truly in the moment.

This is what five senses writing means to me and it is not always so easy. We have a tendency to experience things with all five senses without ever labeling them. Only in writing is it necessary to consciously convey the message to the reader in order to fully involve her and bring her into the room and the story.
Very often I speed through the creative process of getting a fresh idea on my computer screen without burdening myself with detailed sensual exposure. This means that I always have to go back, reread the words, close my eyes, and transport myself into the scene so I can experience it in the same way that I hope you will.
I welcome your comments about five senses writing and reading and how important it is to you as a reader.

To the power of the written word,

Paul D. Alexander
Dark Star  

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